Durable coated rail solutions with a lifetime expectancy of 20 years

Railpro Rail Coatings

Corrosive rail environments like coastal tracks, wet tunnels, level crossings and stray current environments, require coated rails to ensure maximum rail life.

Railpro offers durable coated rail solutions appropriate to these environments by applying different waterproof and insulated coatings to all types of flat bottom rails. With a lifetime expectancy of 20 years Railpro coated rails provide an excellent barrier to corrosion.

When used in level crossings, adhesion of the coating is important for the quality and durability of the embedded rails. Rail sections are treated prior to coating, ensuring an optimal surface for adhesion. Coatings are then applied under controlled conditions. Rails subject to stray current leakage, can be protected with a special insulating rubber coating. All coatings are tested (on layer thickness) and are recorded. The application is also available for light rail.

The corrosion protection performance of Railpro coated rails has been demonstrated in both laboratory tests and track tests with Prorail, Infrabel and Eurotunnel and are proven to deliver lower life cycle costs and reduce unscheduled maintenance.

Prefabricated coated rail sections are available from stock in standard lengths of 36m.

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