Minimising workers exposure to hazardous ballast dust

Railpro Dust Reduction

Railpro has developed an innovative dust suppressing ballast train which effectively minimises workers exposure to hazardous ballast dust.

The train is comprised of 36 wagons divided into nine sets of four. Each wagon is fitted with a hydraulic unloading and high-pressure water spraying system which suppresses dust particles with a water mist sprayed over the ballast as it leaves the wagon.

Each set of four wagons has its own operating computer, lighting, remote control, water reservoir and power pack (diesel engine, electro-hydraulic motor and high pressure pump).

Operation is by remote control which makes unloading simple and practically effortless. The operator does not have to step on and off the wagon at any time, reducing the danger of tripping or falling onto the adjacent track. The wagons unload the ballast, without damaging the rails via a shutter with less effort and more accuracy.

The Railpro dust suppression system significantly improves the working conditions for rail track maintenance workers by eliminating the problems associated with inhaling ballast dust.

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