Insulated Rail Joint (IRJ) System - STB

STB Insulated Rail Joint System from HIRD Rail Development – Designed to last as long as the rail

HIRD Rail have manufactured and supplied insulated rail joints for over 10 years. Our technical expertise and manufacturing experience combined with extensive design and product development has lead to a world leading joint system.

Key benefits include:

  • Endurance tested to 300 million tonnes!
  • Absorbs high tensile & compressive track forces in extreme temperatures
  • Designed to suit all European sleeper spacing configurations
  • Guaranteed electrical isolation through the service life of the joint
  • The joint profile is designed to fit within the space envelope specified for mechanical tamping & grinding/milling machines
  • Available with weather proof coating guaranteed for 15 years

    The STB joint system has undergone extensive and rigorous testing to meet the most demanding performance specifications set by international railway operators. For example:

    • Endurance testing through high cyclical loads combined with electrical testing to high voltages
    • Tensile testing to simulate extreme temperatures
    • Water-soak testing
    • Protective coating development
    • In track testing
    • All fastening and sleeper configuration acceptance

      Assembled into rails at our manufacturing facility in Doncaster, the system is being adopted across the UK by the national infrastructure owner Network Rail. It is also assembled under licence at a fully audited facility in The Netherlands. This facility has been approved and authorised to make the STB rail joint, meeting the exacting standards required in the Hird Rail Quality Management System. Regular quality audits are undertaken to ensure compliance with our high performance standards.

      Hird Rail is founded on delivering proven technology and services to rail infrastructure operators worldwide. We are well positioned to serve our customers, wherever they are and whenever they need us.

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