PRISMA Platform & Station Anti Trespass Panels

Deter and delay trespassers

  • Increased multi-height Witches Hats design acts as a highly visible and physical deterrent
  • Deter and delay trespassers or unauthorised persons
  • Innovative modular system – anti-trespass panels are connected to each other
  • Easily secured to surface
  • Installation is simple and quick without the need for heavy machinery
  • Complies with manual handling requirements for a two-man lift – each panel only weighs 50kg
  • Fully tested for quality and reliability over a 25-year life-cycle

HRD have developed a new and innovative Witches Hat system for use at platforms and Stations to reduce trespass. This new anti-trespass system is very easy to install by a two-man team.

The PRISMA system is an effective solution to the problem of undesired and unauthorised access by trespassers, vandals, thieves or people who have suicidal intentions. The panels pyramid structure presents a formidable obstacle with its staggered heights, making it very difficult to walk over.

Installation is simple. The anti-trespass panels slot together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and will form a complete matrix to cover any specified area. Weighing only 50kg means installations can be carried out by a two-man team without the need for lifting equipment, which is more labour-friendly as well as it is cost-effective. Panels can be drilled and bolted down to stop possible theft.

The PRISMA anti-trespass panel offers several advantages:

  • Sustainable solution, made from 100% recycled vehicle tyre rubber
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in one standard size (L) 1200 mm x (W) 570 mm
  • Panels can be adapted to on-site conditions with hand tools
  • Resistant to wind and weather, tested at temperatures from -40°C to +60°C
  • Maintenance-free

For further information on the PRISMA modular deterrent system, please contact the HRD customer services team.

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