Railpro Wooden Sleeper Repair Kit


This patented sleeper repair kit from Railpro includes everything you need in one handy package for the quick and easy repair, or preservation of wooden sleepers without requiring any other tools.


The main component of the kit is ‘ThreadFix’ — a unique solution used to repair overgrown screw holes for coach screws. It ensures a strong bond with the wooden sleeper and not with the coach screw. This allows for removal of the coach screw without damaging the sleeper and/or the base plate, after which they can be re-used.


The most innovative part of the system is the ‘Centraliser,’ which is used to fill a drilled hole, before creating a new screw thread. It provides equal filling around the coach screw and ends up exactly in the middle of the drilled hole. A very strong screw thread can then be made.


A prefabricated application system is also available, which significantly extends the maintenance intervals for coach screws that have come loose.

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